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The way of doing work is changing while more companies adapt to remote working. Some companies have been working remotely since March and are planning to work remotely until... Hm, let’s say “until further notice” for now.

I believe a lot of people have struggled at the beginning, but more…

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The first part included topics creating a classic project, Issue Types and Issue Type Scheme and Workflows were described. The second part will describe the use of Screens and Fields including Field Configuration and Field Configuration Schemes in Jira Cloud.

1. Screens

Screens are used to manage what the end-user sees on…

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“We do Agile.” “How to do Agile”. Have you run into these statements or maybe you are using them now that your company is transforming to Agile. Well, don’t! Agile is not something that you do. It is neither a tool or a methodology, Agility is a mindset.

Dave Thomas…

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Part 1 includes topics: Create a Classic Project, Issue Types and Issue Type Scheme, and Workflows

These are the steps I went through while creating a Classic Jira Cloud project. There are a lot of steps, that’s why I have divided it into three parts:

  • Part 1: The basics. The first part includes topics: Create a Classic Project, Issue Types and Issue Type Scheme, and Workflows
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There are totally 1.5 billion English speakers in the world, but only 400 million uses it as a first language (source WEC). Like 1 billion people around the world, I am also a non-native English speaker. I use English a lot in my work. To eliminate ambiguity and misunderstandings, I…

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Story Point is a popular measuring unit used by Agile practitioner. It is not limited to Scrum only, but as Scrum is the most popular Agile framework, it is often mentioned together with Scrum (so will this article).

Story Point unit is defined by the scrum team; every scrum team…

Agile and child rearing

There is a trend towards empowerment and intrinsic motivation in business life and child rearing. The relational based parenting approaches are very parallel to Agile software development approach in its core values. They are both empowering the individuals and try to bring intrinsic motivation to surface. …

Ayla Erhan

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